Garden without weeds please
“Can’t we just make a gravel garden?” my friend asked when I threw a ball around the front yard this spring. Not a hair on my head to think of it; I am a green journalist! I want to see flowers and greenery, not gravel. And how about the biodiversity you miss in a gravel garden? But I understood his point: who in his thirties has the time and inclination to weed on a regular basis?

Prairie planting is maintenance-friendly
Prairie planting. With a south-facing front yard and a thick layer of blowing sand, it soon became clear that it had to go in that direction. With this type of planting you hardly have to spray and weeding becomes a rarity, especially when the plants are in lava split (lava rock grit). Actually, after building the backyard, I didn’t intend to set aside a large budget for a planting plan. “Do you know Lageijzer?” asked Carrie Preston, the garden designer to whom I casually revealed my thoughts during an interview. So no. Never heard of it.

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