What is horsetail?
Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is also known as loosestrife or horsetail. The plant group to which horsetail belongs existed before the appearance of modern plants and during the dinosaur age this group was the most common. Even in highly polluted areas, horsetail is often the first plant to emerge from the ground. So a real survivor.

Horsetail produces many rhizomes that go deep into the ground and also develop horizontal branches. The weeds can grow up to 40 cm high and the roots can be up to 6 meters long. It is not surprising that horsetail is seen as one of the most difficult weeds.

prevent horsetail
Horsetail grows on poor soil. If you have a lot of horsetail in your garden, then your soil is probably deficient in minerals. Horsetail extracts the minerals deep from the soil with its meters long roots. In the very long run, you might even be happy with the weeds, because their effort will eventually make your soil more fertile. But if you want to prevent horsetail, you have to make sure that the soil is in balance.

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