Taking care of the pancake plant
You give the graphically designed leaves of the pancake plant plenty of attention by placing the plant in a pot as a solitary. With terracotta you stay beautiful in the seventies style, but it also looks good in a strikingly colored pot. Place it on the coffee table or in another place where it will get plenty of light, but won’t smolder under the bright sun. Furthermore, the care is something like ‘a child can do the laundry’: water him once a week, make sure that the soil does not dry out, but also does not get soaking wet. And add some liquid plant food to the water once a month.

Pancake plant cuttings
Yes, the pancake plant can make babies! In the long run you will automatically see cuttings and appear next to the plant. Let it grow for a while and then cut it as deep as possible from the mother plant with a sharp knife. Do you have carrots on it yet? Plant the pancake baby immediately in fine potting or cutting soil. Without roots, it is better to put it in a glass of water first and wait until it takes root after about three weeks. Then you can plant the cutting in the soil.

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